We at TapTek have been in the moving and relocation industry for decades and believe you shouldn’t need to guess as to whether you are getting the best in quality equipment for your needs nor should you pay an arm and a leg to get it.

Whether it be a small move for school or relocating your entire company from one building to another we want you to be assured that the equipment transporting your valuables are made to exceed the test.

All of our products have been designed in detail by our qualified engineers and have gone through rigorous load and tension testing to not only match but far exceed the industry standard.

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I love their light weight, easy to stack design. On a fully loaded truck every pound counts and a dollar saved is a dollar in my pocket, not to mention they have outlasted any other equipment we’ve used.

Sandra Peche, President SFI Group LTD,.

Equipment is expensive and having the specific and right tool for the job is important, for a fair price, being able to have dependable equipment for whatever the job be it, receiving trailers, to moving a office building, to heavy equipment on a quiet active office floor to a loud cluttered construction site this stuff does it without breaking a sweat.

George Scott, VP operations

I’ve put everything from a chair to a firesafe on this dollies and had the panel carts fully loaded and without a problem they move right along on hardwood to carpet, inside or out.
Time and time again in and out of the trucks we know what equipment to use because its there for us.

Rob Gallagher, Move management

In our warehouse we are constantly moving, boxes upon boxes of paper and ink supplies to seriously heavy equipment and materials, we go all day everyday because this equipment keeps it all moving.

Zachariah Munford, Muntech

We’ve been using TapTek’s equipment for sometime and in our industry we can be moving a bag of cement to a loaded cart of tools in and out of our shop to the vehicles and it saves a ton of time not having to go searching for something different everytime to get the job done, not to meation nothing saves my workers backs like TapTek.

Matt Wallans, Jefferey G Wallans Construction